Innovation begins at Thomson Reuters with our customers. A big part of that is engaging with forward-thinking customers who truly understand and appreciate the need to solve real-world problems and boldly embrace new opportunities.

When Crowell & Moring agreed to work with us to help develop Westlaw Edge Quick Check, our new innovative research tool that analyzes litigation motions and briefs, we were grateful for the opportunity. Crowell & Moring is a global law firm representing Fortune 500 clients in sophisticated litigation, arbitration, regulatory and transactional matters. The firm has profound expertise solving complex litigation matters, making them the perfect firm to help us figure out how to bring big new capabilities to Quick Check in the future.

“The best way we can build products that make a real difference for attorneys is to engage with them deeply in solving the right problems well,” explained Mike Dahn, Thomson Reuters senior vice president of Product Management. “Crowell & Moring brings valuable expertise to this project in a wide variety of practice areas. More importantly, they bring a passion for pushing beyond the status quo for better client service and better client results, while trying to reduce costs. We’re so grateful to be working with them.”

For Crowell & Moring, which marks its 40th anniversary this year, the co-development partnership underscores the firm’s longstanding commitment to using innovative legal services to better serve their clients.

Kay Kim, Senior Director of Practice Innovation

“The legal landscape is evolving quickly and, at Crowell & Moring, we constantly challenge our business model to ensure that it benefits our clients. Technology plays a big role in that and I rely on partners like Thomson Reuters to help us solve some of our clients’ biggest problems,” said Kay Kim, Senior Director of Practice Innovation for Crowell & Moring. “Clients are looking for value without sacrificing quality. We leverage technology like Westlaw Edge and Quick Check to give us an edge in retaining business and getting new business. More importantly, when we are able to combine best-in-class practice technology with exceptional legal subject matter talent as we are doing here, we ultimately drive more value to our clients.  We’re committed to always delivering innovative legal services, so we don’t just want to use the best technology now, we want to shape future solutions that will help us deliver a higher level of service to our clients. This is why we’re excited to partner with Thomson Reuters on developing new capabilities for Quick Check.”

Crowell & Moring attorneys are shaping future iterations of Westlaw Edge Quick Check. The tool allows users to quickly and securely upload their briefs and memoranda and then suggests highly relevant authority that traditional research may have missed. The firm was among those using Westlaw Edge Quick Check in beta before it went live in July.

The firm has already realized advantages in using Westlaw Edge Quick Check, from saving time to revealing weaknesses in an opponent’s brief.

Gabe Ramsey, Partner

“Quick Check found things that were highly relevant and not easily discoverable,” said Gabe Ramsey, a partner in Crowell & Moring’s San Francisco office who focuses his practice on complex litigation involving intellectual property and cybersecurity. “That’s valuable, and it’s going to make this type of work a lot more cost-effective.”

“Quick Check allows lawyers to leverage advanced legal technology to find the right answers for our client in the most efficient way possible,” said Robbie Rogart, a counsel in Crowell & Moring’s Washington, D.C., office who focuses on mass tort, product, and consumer litigation and product risk management. “It’s really important to our clients that we get it right – and that we get it right on the first try,” Rogart said. “Quick Check helps to give that gut check before you submit something, whether that’s to your internal client, the partner, or actual external clients or perhaps the court. It helps to give that confidence that you have found what you need.”

Ensuring that nothing is missed

“The benefit of Quick Check is that it enables us to get started drafting a reply brief immediately,” added Jared Levine, a counsel in Crowell & Moring’s New York Office who focused on complex litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. “We upload our oppositions’ brief and we are able to immediately begin the process of figuring out where the weaknesses are in their arguments.”

Allowing lawyers to execute with confidence is at the heart of the Thomson Reuters customer-centric approach to innovation.

“We’ve accomplished a lot with Quick Check to date, enabling attorneys to find cases that might have been missed in traditional research, and analyze opponent motions and briefs for weaknesses, but we’re only scratching the surface of what is possible,” Dahn said. “Working closely with Crowell & Moring litigators, we’re going to develop new capabilities that will be even more game-changing. We’re so glad to be working with a partner that has such an extraordinary reputation and expertise. These are exciting times.”


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