This post was written by Rachel Moseley, Corporate Responsibility program manager at Thomson Reuters

I remember when I passed my driving test. I was thrilled, and so was my driving instructor (no more nail biting lessons), my parents (no more taxi-service), and my friends (a new taxi-service). Sharing the news with each of them was an incredibly exciting and memorable moment. It took me a while to get there – it was my second attempt – but all the hard work, the lessons, the words of wisdom, and pure concentration got me the driving license that I carry around with me every day.

Now, many years on I am keen to share some more great news with my parents, my friends, my colleagues, my peers, and my networks. I have had the pleasure of working on our annual reporting journey for Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion for many months and now, and thanks to the hard work of so many individuals across the company, you can read about how we go about building and maintaining a responsible business for our people, our markets, and our world here at Thomson Reuters. Our 2014 Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion Report is filled with success stories, markers of progress, and offers an insight into how our products and services can have a positive impact on the world around us. Reporting on our progress is incredibly important, not only because we want to be able to share our great news with a broad network of stakeholders, but because we know that so many individuals are very rightly interested in our impacts across our global business operations.

2014 was a year when we took an important step in this commitment and decided to combine our Corporate Responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability efforts into one global function. This connected approach is something of which we are very proud and reflects its importance to our core business. Our report shows how we have been working to join each of these important efforts and also gives the opportunity to showcase some incredible stories. I’m only sorry the report couldn’t be longer, as this truly is the tip of the iceberg.

So, take a look, read, and share the report, and if you want to learn more about it, our process, or the work we are doing in this space, please ask questions.

And as for my driving license…I live in London now with amazing public transport, so very rarely use it. Probably safer for road users!

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