The latest issue of Corporate Counsel Connect, a monthly newsletter highlighting legal articles with an in-house perspective, features an interesting story about the increased attention corporate social responsibility (CSR) is getting within major U.S. companies.

CSR issues are coming into sharper focus in boardrooms as customers, employees and shareholders emphasize the importance of high standards of ethics and respect for human rights, environmental protection, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion in the global marketplace.

The Corporate Counsel Connect article goes into details about why CSR is growing in importance for major companies and also:

  • Provides an overview of various definitions of CSR.
  • Explores the debate on the role of the corporation in┬ásociety.
  • Examines recent shareholder proposals on CSR issues.
  • Reviews company practices regarding CSR disclosure and┬áreporting.

To read the full article on Corporate Counsel Connect, click here.

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