The disruptive role of technology and how it can help firms thrive in a rapidly changing environment is one of several technology-related themes explored in the new issue of Forum magazine focused on Continuous Innovation.

The issue examines large law’s growing use of cloud computing technology, and how security concerns are both a driver and barrier to adoption.  Security is also at the forefront of a discussion on the Panama Papers, and how firms can best protect their clients’ confidential data, lest the firm find itself in the next attention-grabbing headlines.

Forum takes a global look at issues and ideas, from the challenges facing small and medium UK law firms to increase operational efficiency, to the changing role of the global general counsel in India, Brazil and China, to an interview with the head of Nishith Desai Associates in India on robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Other articles look at issues facing general counsel, such as how to turn a cost center into a profit center, risk management and improving processes and performance.

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