Congratulations to Revista dos Tribunais, which recently published its 1,000th edition and commemorated the milestone with articles by some of the most prominent lawyers of Brazil. Acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2010, Revista dos Tribunais is a monthly publication with articles on current legal trends and discussions. Based on a promise to “always bring reliable answers,” the publication has fostered top-quality legal expertise for more than a century and reached its 1,000th edition with the reputation of being the most important legal periodical in the country.

At a time when newspapers were still the main source of information, the monthly publication served as a repository for legislation and doctrine, giving lawyers access to documents that were poorly disseminated on a large scale. Founded in 1912, the Revista dos Tribunais always had at its core the goal of publishing the best and most reliable legal information. The publication survived two world wars and numerous changes in Brazilian economic and political models, and continues to bring reliable information in a changing world.

For this special edition, Revista dos Tribunais has added a chapter with a timeline of 107 years of doctrine, with articles by key authors of Brazilian law. Beginning with the 1919 Treaty of Versailles and ending with cryptocurrency, the edition echoes the important milestones of Brazilian society along with their legal impacts.

Thomson Reuters is proud that Revista dos Tribunais has been Brazilian legal professionals’ trusted resources for more than 100 years and the important role it plays in helping Thomson Reuters support the rule of law worldwide.

This post was authored by Kara Pederson, communications manager for Thomson Reuters.

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