How many different technology systems does your firm use? Five? Ten? More?

One AmLaw 200 firm conducted a recent audit and discovered more than 200 distinct systems in use. This could be easy to dismiss this as the inevitable result of the complex work law firms perform.

The legal workflow landscape is often comprised of several disparate systems designed to support specific functions. Legal research, knowledge management and legal know-how solutions are melded together (often by in-house technology departments). Leadership, strategy and financial functions rely on legal project management, matter management and business management solutions to piece together a coherent picture of lawyer, matter, and firm performance.

A large misconception is that the evolution of the legal industry only benefits clients — that a focus on systems, efficiency and profitability is anathema to lawyers. There is no denying that legal work is complex. But the systems that support the work should simplify workflows.

Can your firm conquer legal workflow? Read more here to learn how.

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