A new survey found that roughly half of businesses and other organizations are failing to comply with data privacy regulations, and potentially more worrisome, are falling behind.  The Thomson Reuters Survey on Data Compliance surveyed 1,000 data privacy professionals at organizations in nine countries.

Among the findings:

  • 44% of organizations globally¬†say they are failing to adhere to data privacy regulations
  • 47% are struggling to keep up to date or are falling behind with data privacy regulations
  • 74% say their C-suite or board struggle to understand the implications of data privacy obligations

In addition, businesses and other organizations in the United States reported the lowest levels of adherence to data privacy regulations, the greatest difficulty in keeping current with regulations, the highest costs for managing data privacy, and were the most likely to have dealt with an enforcement action.

Today , Thomson Reuters launched Data Privacy Advisor, a specialized data privacy research solution.

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