Thomson Reuters and Bowman and Brooke LLP, a nationally recognized product liability and complex litigation firm, recently completed a two-month secondment as part of Thomson Reuters Elite’s new customer advocacy program.  The Secondment Program places a Thomson Reuters employee at a client site for a short duration of time on a flexible schedule for customer support and gained insights.

The seconded Elite employee brings skill sets to the firm including expertise in project management, workflow process analysis, and technology assistance which align with the goals of the secondment. The seconded employee works free of charge and side-by-side as part of the law firm’s team, providing experience, insight, prompt on-site assistance, liaison assistance to implementation experts, and extra hands to serve the customers’ varied needs.

“Our clients are our first priority,” said Amanda Walsh, Chief of Business Development and Marketing at Bowman and Brooke. “We felt the most important project we could work on together with Elite was around our new effort to manage our client relationships at the highest level. We acquired Elite Business Development Premier (BDP) to provide work streams for better client engagement and follow-up, as well as marketing development, outreach and competitive intelligence. It was a key priority for Bowman and Brooke and one we gladly tackled through this unique Secondment program.”

Rod VanHoof, the Elite Customer Experience Advocate who worked with Amanda Walsh and her team, gained a lot from the experience. “The success of the secondment is based on a team approach,” said VanHoof. “I worked closely with the firm’s Competitive Intelligence Analyst and Marketing Communications Coordinator. And through our work I gained a new appreciation for the law firm challenges, and a unique insight into the talent of my law firm team at Bowman and Brooke. I know through this experience I will be a stronger partner for them on future projects. And, I have shared the gained insights with my Thomson Reuters Customer Advocacy team, so they can better support current and future customers.”

Bowman and Brooke is Elite’s fourth successful Customer Advocacy Secondment partner. Each law firm partner has a unique challenge or need. Through the first three secondments the Customer Advocacy team assisted in documenting vital processes, assessed and established best practices for technology implementation and application, and supported a firm through year-end financials, creating efficient new workflows. For additional information consider reading the recent Legaltech news article highlighting two additional secondment law firms. “The Law Firm Secondment: Thomson Reuters Explores a New Client Strategy”. The full story is available behind a free American Lawyer Media firewall.


This post was written by Patrick Hurley, vice president of Thomson Reuters Elite Customer Advocacy.


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