Last week, we introduced the Black’s Law Dictionary poetry slam. For inspiration, today we are sharing some of the top vote-getting entries from the contest held for Thomson Reuters employees earlier this year.

Now share yours! Tweet us a poem that includes one or more of those new legal terms in the BLD 11th edition. Remember to include the hashtag #BLDpoetrycontest and tag @LegalCurrent.

For full details of the contest, see the official rules.


Robert Schultz, Senior Publishing Coordinator

We see the world is changing quickly.
People talking about neo-finances leaves me sickly.
“Buy some cryptocurrency,” they say,
“It’s a commodity! Its value changes by the day.”
And so I think about my assets, should I diversify?
I don’t know, I can’t tell. It’s enough to petrify.
I struggle with it now and then, trying to identify.
“Buy Bitcoin!” “Dogecoin! Yay!” “Tezos! Now! Buy, buy, buy!”
And then they bring up this thing, the blockchain.
What is that? Now I’ve just got a migraine.
Don’t know about you, but as for me, I’ll log into my Workday—
Forget the crypto, forget the blockchain. Bump up contributions to my 401(k).
Kevin Sefton, Principal Attorney Editor

A porch pirate from Oslo
While twocking a Volvo
Was hit in a vehicle-ramming attack.
A flash rob converged
and thus he was purged
of his Amazon loot and his crack.
To the officer on scene
He became rather mean
contempt of cop when he blew his stack.
The cop ripped both his ears off
then did a drive up, drop off
at the neighborhood hospital round back.
No ears and broken jaw
He violated the ugly law
and was on a prison bound track
Then mugshot extortion
Depleted a large portion
of the defense funds that he had set back.

Now a tracking device
on his ankle must suffice
While for prison he is trying to pack.
Judie Anna Urayan, Publishing Specialist

They said he’s from democracy
Whilst the people are from kakistocracy
Speciesism is his world’s recipe
“Not for the pushers,” he blunders,
Not for the ghosts and the free
They said he’s from democracy
But how is it most are blinded by his idiocracy?
While he saves up just enough for zombie stock
Some drives up, end up
in a vehicle-ramming attack
I wander, wonder
Who is he really
They said he’s from democracy
But fosters thy people from his kakistocracy
So tell me, tell me
And whisper so he won’t hear
Would you be there guarding what’s yours
Or would you close your eyes
as the porch pirate go?

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