In law school, you learn how to be a killer litigator: how to select a jury, how to represent your client inside and outside the court room, and how to conduct effective research. But what about marketing your practice? Or networking to become a partner? Or managing employees and identifying career opportunities?

In addition to helping attorneys hone practice skills in unique and important ways, Beyond the Bar by Thomson Reuters helps attorneys become successful as professionals by providing blog posts, online programs, and access to speakers. Especially when training and development opportunities at many law firms have been restricted in the recent economic climate, extra outside resources such as these have become increasingly important for young attorneys.

“Attorneys must take control of their career and be willing to use additional resources to gain an edge in this competitive job market and leverage available opportunities to grow within their firm or organization,” said Mark Korf, director of new lawyer development for Thomson Reuters. “Beyond the Bar provides practical resources, tips, and guidance presented by experts to benefit attorneys in the initial years of their career.”

The website, which was announced on June 3, 2013, is a part of the well-established Thomson Reuters network of intelligent information and legal solutions for attorneys. Specifically, the site expands on the West LegalEdcenter, the industry-leading continuing education service. Part of the numerous Thomson Reuters resources are the industry experts who contribute regularly to the Beyond the Bar content, including career development coach Diane Costigan; lawyers and authors Charlie Craver, Alan Gutterman, Dr. Paul Lisnek and Charlie H. Rose III; experts on the business of law Ross Fishman and Marsha Hunter; and many more.

More than 200 topics covering almost everything from contract drafting to dealing with difficult clients are available as on-demand programs and will soon also be available in live, multiple-session online courses. These materials, in addition to the regular blog posts at Beyond the Bar, will help young attorneys in a variety of situations become more successful, provide greater value to their clients and employer, and realize their career dreams.

In the video clip below, Korf goes into more detail about Beyond the Bar and how it can help attorneys be more successful.

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