What is the most difficult question asked of a lawyer? Might it be, “Where are we on this matter?” And it doesn’t matter if the question comes from the firm’s partner or the client.


It’s not as if you don’t know, but pulling together the insights from the team, how much budget has been used and translating that information into a quick, cohesive response is not easy.


In a recent Thomson Reuters survey, more than 70 percent of lawyers reported a lack of matter visibility as a key challenge.


Advancements in legal technology and services offer a path to the kind of matter visibility that can empower both partners and associates. Integration of matter planning, pricing and business management solutions could help lawyers connect the dots between the complex and often disparate work surrounding their matters.


The market dynamics and client demands are requiring lawyers to be able to communicate the precise status of matters from a scope and budget-to-actuals perspective at a moment’s notice. Lawyers need a tool that brings together the disparate systems employed by law firms and deliver an integrated, intuitive platform to provide insights, structure and support.


Check out this post to learn more about how your firm can take you from here to there.

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