Library management solutions (LMS) can make it easier to manage growing eLibraries.

A new strategic relationship with Lucidea integrates digital titles on Thomson Reuters ProView through Lucidea’s LMS.

The new relationship will combine Lucidea’s SydneyEnterprise and Inmagic GeniePlus LMS with ProView, allowing instant access to ProView and its features that are specifically designed for professional use, such as navigation, annotation and sharing capabilities within digital libraries and titles.

The integration allows users to search for ProView content without leaving their library catalog. Users search for a title and view the title’s record. Contained on the record view is a direct link to the ProView eBook.

“This exciting new library management system integration will help deliver the right ProView content to the right people at the right time,” said Helen Elardo, vice president and global head of ProView at Thomson Reuters. “Lucidea’s solutions fit very well with our open integration strategy. ProView Integration APIs enable services like Lucidea to discover eBooks available to the user from the library catalog, and present results in ProView’s rich reading experience and functionality.”

ProView eBooks are published in seven languages across five continents, and available for iPad® and AndroidTM tablets, SurfaceTM tablets and for Windows® and Mac® computers through both browsers and an installed app.

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