Summer travel season is now in high gear, but as travelers board their flights, they encounter dozens of fees for everything from checking their luggage to extra legroom.

A new survey finds a whopping 84 percent of Americans say they dislike airline fees and support the statement that “airlines are nickel-and-diming passengers.” Only thirteen percent said that they like airline fees, because it allows them to only pay for the services and amenities that they use.

But while passengers are complaining, at the same time, they don’t necessarily want to pay for higher ticket prices in exchange for eliminating some fees. Only 53 percent say they would be willing to pay higher airfares with no fees. Nearly as many people – 47 percent – said they would prefer to pay lower airfares with basic service and then pay fees for additional services.

So if you’re traveling this summer, enjoy your flight. But bring some extra change.

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