To help keep up with legal issues that transcend borders in our ever more connected world, ALR International has just released its 10th volume.  The new volume collected and analyzed global cases on various issues, ranging from computer and software patents in Infringement of Computer and Software Patents–Non-U.S. Cases, 10 A.L.R. Int’l 431.  to the “New York Convention”–Global Cases: Jurisdictional Issues, Construction of Essential Terms, Applicability of Convention to Action, Impact of Other Multilateral or Bilateral Agreements upon Applicability of Convention, and Reciprocity Issues, 1 A.L.R. Int’l 1.

ALR International provides analysis of specific legal issues and caselaw of international import that have been litigated in the U.S. and global courts, both English- and non English-speaking. It features global authors and contributors, with guidance and review from an international editorial advisory board, and includes an expanded Jurisdictional Table of Cases, Laws, and Rules that includes citations to international decisions.

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