In this four part video series, Allison Guidette, managing director of Large Law Firms at Thomson Reuters, and Ian Nelson, senior director of Strategic Marketing and Business Development for Practical Law Company, discuss the recent acquisition of PLC, how the PLC team is embracing the change, and what’s next.

First in the series, Guidette and Nelson discuss the opportunities they see for Thomson Reuters and PLC as a result of the acquisition.

“Customers are demanding integrated solutions that bring together content and workflow tools to really help them get their work done with greater efficiency. Same quality, but in less time,” said Guidette. “We have the workflow software that helps our lawyers work smarter, but we were missing the “know-how” content that really connects primary and secondary law to those workflow tools and provides a more holistic solution. PLC fills that gap for us.”

Nelson sums it up by saying the goal is the provide PLC customers with the same level of quality, but with expanded reach and capabilities.

They also discuss how PLC is in a different position in the US versus the UK. PLC in the UK has “a full breadth of practice area solutions that address the needs of anyone in private practice or corporate legal departments,” says Guidette. In the US, PLC is in an earlier stage and in full growth mode. The goal is to get that full breadth of solutions in the States and to focus more on practice areas.

Watch the full video below.

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