Numerous high-profile examples of supply chain mismanagement continue to keep the issue front of mind for businesses, regulators and consumers. As countries and government organizations introduce regulations to mitigate unacceptable practices, should the focus from companies be on complying with regulations or reputation management?

Steve McDonald, head of Market Development for Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions, moderated a panel at the Association of Corporate Counsel annual meeting addressing the structure of an ethical supply chain. McDonald spoke with Legal Current, recapping highlights from the panel which featured: Bindu Dhaliwal, Bank of Montreal; Thomas Molchan, Mafco Worldwide LLC; Mickey North Rizza, BravoSolution; and Dan Viederman, Verité.

To learn more about the challenges surrounding supply chains, download and read The Complexities of Managing Risks in Complex Global Supply Chains. And visit for more about the work McDonald and his team are doing in support of knowing your third parties.

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