AALL Milestone Moments: Commemorating 25 Years of KeyCite

This weekend marked a milestone: the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting & Conference kicked off in-person for the first time in three years. Today Legal Current notes another AALL-related milestone; it’s the 25th anniversary of KeyCite, which was introduced at AALL’s annual meeting in 1997.

The introduction of KeyCite 25 years ago was a significant moment in the modernization of legal research. Since its inception, legal researchers have turned to KeyCite as the most accurate, complete, and trusted citator to verify whether they’re relying on good law.

The launch of KeyCite built on a legacy of customer-inspired innovation and partnership that endures today for Thomson Reuters. And it ushered in more first-of-its-kind features, such as KeyCite Overruling Risk – which warns when a point of law in a user’s case has been implicitly undermined – on Westlaw Edge.

Building on the foundation of KeyCite, the feature marks cases that have no direct citations pointing to their invalidity with an orange warning icon. KeyCite Overruling Risk leverages artificial intelligence to uncover when a case may be stating the law in a way that has been implicitly invalidated, going beyond direct citing relationships.

The evolution of KeyCite is among the ways legal professionals are maximizing their capabilities through greater use of advanced technologies. In the latest AALL Spectrum issue, Thomson Reuters Legal Professionals President Paul Fischer discusses law firms’ acceleration of technology adoption during the past two years, and how legal tech will continue to have heightened importance for years to come. Read his AALL Spectrum interview here.

Thomson Reuters is proud to again serve as a AALL sponsor, and more importantly, to have an opportunity to connect with customers in Denver.

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