Monica Bay in Times SquareI first met Monica Bay when, as editor of The Recorder, she participated in the West-sponsored Editor Exchange conference, which gathered legal trade and bar association editors together to discuss critical issues of the day and attend writing and editing workshops.

Because of her passion for law, and for writing, Monica instantly became a leader within the Editor Exchange group. Her spark and intellect challenged and inspired other editors. She specifically took time to mentor the young editors, many of whom were straight out of college or law school. Through it all, Monica was gracious and generous of her time and talents.

She was a force of nature, and it was no surprise to any of us that Monica would fearlessly move from California to New York to become editor of Law Technology News. Nor did it surprise us that she did so at a time when the vast majority of her colleagues were men.

After more than twenty years of working in this industry with Monica, there are three things about her that really make me smile. First, the woman has writing chops that don’t quit; she is a great and poetic storyteller. Second, she’s masterfully created a brand known simply as Monica, and it represents quality, creativity and intellect. Finally, she has a heart of gold. There are few people in this world that really care about people, and Monica does this each and every day by placing others before herself.

On Sunday night we wished Monica “Happy 30th Anniversary” by placing her name in lights on Times Square. And tonight she will be recognized again with a celebratory party at the Hilton.

This isn’t the end of a career, it’s the opening of the second act. So Monica…break a leg!


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