So you’re fresh out of law school and have just landed your first job. Now what? How do you go from entry-level associate to partner?

While there are many approaches, participating in Beyond the Bar workshops is one sure way to get you on the right path.  Launched in September 2010, Beyond the Bar is a program developed by West LegalEdcenter and is designed to give young associates the skills they need to accelerate their career.

“The Beyond the Bar workshops are a big step above traditional bridge-the-gap or transitional education programs,” said Mark Korf, Director, Beyond the Bar. “They help new lawyers to become more productive and efficient from the beginning of their careers, helping them stand out in a competitive marketplace.”

In one of the Beyond the Bar workshops, Client Services and Practice Development: How to Become an Effective Rainmaker and Successful Lawyer, young lawyers discover what clients love—and hate—about their lawyers, how to develop a practice niche, grow their networks, and focus marketing efforts.

“I would have paid a million dollars if someone had brought me to this seminar when I was a first or second year,” said Deb, one of the senior associates interviewed in the video.

Visit the website to learn more about Beyond the Bar courses and to read the faculty blog.

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