On March 7, Thomson Reuters hosted the 2018 Public-Private Partnership Forum at the Westin New York – the first of three events in a series designed to bring together leaders from both the public and private sector for a day of discussion on topics ranging from anti-money laundering, threat prevention, human trafficking and more.

With a Nor’easter bearing down on the city, hearty attendees braved the wind, snow and slush, to join a day of conversation with speakers and panelists.

The day began with Joseph Raczynski, manager of Technical Client Management at Thomson Reuters. Joe offered insights on digital currency and blockchain technology, and discussed their impact on the legal, financial, and regulatory markets. Central to his remarks was the notion that the exponential growth of these technologies is leaving some traditional, “linear growth”-oriented organizations at a disadvantage.

It was in this same vein that Jennifer Singh, senior director of Digital Identity Solutions at Thomson Reuters, continued with her talk on the global identity landscape, facets of identity and the risks vs. rewards organizations must balance as the digital future advances.

The day was capped with a panel discussion that brought together Peter Vincent, senior legal counsel with Thomson Reuters Special Services, Dennis Lormel, president and CEO of DML Associates, and James Cummans, senior vice president, BSA, AML and OFAC Officer at TCF National Bank, to discuss complexities of the anti-money laundering landscape and how organizations can mitigate risk in this environment. With their extensive backgrounds in both the public and private sectors, the panelists emphasized the point that, no matter which side of the fence we sit, we all have the same goal: to prevent these terrorists, bad actors, and criminals from taking advantage of our financial systems in order to achieve their nefarious goals.

To hear reactions from the Public-Private Partnership Forum, please take a look at the video below:

The second and third events in the P3 series will be held on Tuesday, April 24 at The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, N.C. and Thursday, April 26, at The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection in Washington, D.C respectively. Registration for these events can be found here:

Charlotte: http://ask.legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.info/lgl-p3-charlotte-april-2018

DC: http://ask.legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.info/lgl-p3-dc-april-2018

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