With the year winding down, Legal Current is revisiting 2020 milestones and key accomplishments from the Legal business of Thomson Reuters. Today we look at how the cloud-based platform HighQ is continually innovating to help drive efficiencies and improve collaboration.

As law firms and legal departments increasingly turned to technology to help navigate the challenging environment this year, HighQ emerged as a leading platform in the legal industry. Just as the COVID-19 pandemic forced a pivot to virtual work, the release of HighQ 5.3 brought numerous enhancements to help firms and legal departments better manage projects, matters and transactions; create client portals and intranets; and leverage desktop and mobile applications. It also built on the successful first iteration of solution templates introduced in 2019.

“Solution templates were a very important advancement that enabled our customers to create repeatable solutions built within HighQ,” said Stuart Barr, chief product and strategy officer of Product Management, Thomson Reuters.

A few months later, a new version raised the bar again, seamlessly integrating Contact Express into a single solution and integrating Legal Tracker with HighQ’s document management capabilities. The integration of Legal Tracker helps in-house teams increase productivity with enhanced tools for collaboration. With HighQ document management, legal departments can securely store and search documents and emails, control and compare versions, view audit history, and access documents offline without having to leave standard productivity tools.

In a series of podcasts, Barr discussed how HighQ has invested heavily in automating legal processes as well as driving legal project management and transaction management use cases. He discussed some of HighQ’s most notable recent changes including its workflow engine that allows users to create “a trigger and an action” to automate tasks and further drive efficiencies. He also shared other legal project management enhancements, including the ability to create custom site metadata to improve matter management, the addition of “dependencies” to further automate tasks, and new features around document management and matter management.

Listen to the podcasts to hear more from Barr on how HighQ continually incorporates customer feedback to help law firms and corporate legal departments operate more efficiently and strengthen collaboration within teams and with clients.

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