Deepfake, ghost gun, make-my-day statute, and shadow docket are among the 2,500 new terms in Black’s Law Dictionary, 12th Edition, released today by Thomson Reuters. The iconic dictionary includes definitions of more than 70,000 law-related words and phrases, plus more than 5,000 scholarly and judicial quotations on legal terminology.

Every page in the 12th edition has been supplemented and revised, making it the most comprehensive English-language law dictionary ever compiled.

Chief Editor Bryan A. Garner has been at the helm of Black’s Law Dictionary since the 7th edition was published in 1999.

“There’s good reason why Black’s is the dictionary of record in American law and renowned worldwide: it’s the most extensive, accurate, clearly drafted, and authoritative dictionary ever written for the legal profession and for anyone else needing legal definitions,” Garner said. “When you use Black’s, you’re using the most trusted and respected resource.”

Under Garner’s chief editorship, expert editors and contributors have captured the most current legal terminology and definitions.

“Thomson Reuters is proud to publish the most widely cited law book in the world and to help foster a common understanding of the growing language of the law,” said Jennifer Prescott, president, Global Print, Thomson Reuters. “Black’s is cited by judges and lawyers more than any other legal reference book, making it a must-have for judges, lawyers, legal professionals, and law students.”

To learn more about Black’s Law Dictionary, click here or read the press release.


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