A new Thomson Reuters collaboration with Courtroom Insight will deliver seamless access from Thomson Reuters Litigation Analytics to the Courtroom Insight Knowledge Management Platform.

The collaboration, announced today, provides mutual customers with access to relevant research on judges, case types, and judgments in the United States. Courtroom Insight users will have access to Thomson Reuters Litigation Analytics platform, where they can gather relevant information on judges: how they typically rule, their area of expertise, and what authority they tend to cite.

The integration will enable attorneys, law firms, and legal researchers to work within the Courtroom Insight platform to leverage the data-driven judicial insights in Litigation Analytics. It will streamline users’ workflows and reduce the time it takes to research, enabling users to respond to clients even faster with the initial case context around likely outcome, timeline, and cost.

Read Courtroom Insight’s press release for more details, and learn how Litigation Analytics enables legal professionals to easily gather relevant information to build the strongest case strategy.

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