Practical Law The Journal is the award-winning magazine companion to Practical Law, covering a wide range of transactional, regulatory, and litigation topics. It publishes monthly in a digital-only format hosted on Legal Current reached out to the Practical Law The Journal team to discuss what readers can look forward to in the October issue.

Does the new issue have a particular theme or focus?

In support of legal professionals across the industry and in recognition of World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10, our new issue delves into the critical topic of attorney well-being. The cataclysmic events of recent years have raised unprecedented challenges to businesses and individuals around the globe. Attorneys are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues at startlingly high rates, and at rates that are higher than professionals in other industries. 

In our feature article, Michael Kasdan, founder and chief enthusiasm officer of Lawyering While Human, reviews factors contributing to the current poor state of attorney well-being, sets out the business case for why law firms and other organizations should support and invest in attorney well-being, and recommends solutions that legal employers can adopt to effectuate real change in the industry. 

What else can readers learn about in the October issue?

This issue covers some key topics for public companies and their counsel, including an analysis of the first proxy season following the effectiveness of the SEC’s universal proxy rules. Frank Aquila of Sullivan & Cromwell highlights several important themes and takeaways, including concrete steps that boards should take to prepare for the 2024 proxy season.

Additionally, we provide up-to-date guidance for in-house counsel on a range of core matters, such as conducting layoffs and other reductions in force, monitoring remote employees, challenging a competitor’s false or misleading advertising claims, and responding to a nonparty subpoena or pre-litigation demand to preserve electronically stored information.

We are also delighted to feature a piece from Practical Law’s  new Real Estate Litigation topic. The new topic area is the latest expansion of Practical Law’s Commercial Litigation content set, adding over 70 new resources on land ownership and use, injury to real property, the landlord-tenant relationship, and more. In this issue of The Journal, counsel can learn about litigating a real property inverse condemnation (or takings) claim against a governmental entity, including pre-litigation matters, elements the plaintiff must plead and prove, defenses, and available remedies.

The Journal also profiles leaders across the legal industry. Whom did you interview this month?

Among others, we spoke with Stephen Mar, chief legal and administrative officer of tech startup Odeko. Mar shares the unique ways that Odeko’s mission advances ESG priorities, discusses the legal department’s top goals, and offers career advice to prospective general counsel.

How can readers access The Journal?

Readers can enjoy free access to The Journal on To view the content, they simply sign in to their Reuters account or, if they don’t have an account, they can register here. To be notified when new monthly issues of The Journal are published and get highlights delivered straight to their inbox, readers can also opt into our newsletter here.

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