Thomson Reuters Chief Product Officer of LegalTech Kriti Sharma is asking how the legal industry can better support women pursuing careers and opportunities around AI.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Sharma discusses on LinkedIn the need for more female role models in the tech sector as AI opens up traditional career pathways and creates opportunities to welcome more women to the space.

Sharma invited Thomson Reuters female leaders working in legal technology to share their perspective, including Rawia Ashraf, Emily Colbert, and Anu Dodda.

Ashraf noted, “Women are underrepresented in AI, we know that. There are things we can do as individuals to address that and things we need to do at scale to correct the imbalance.”

Colbert added: “As a woman who made her way into the product and technology world through the legal rather than engineering or computer science route, I’ve relied on my strong female partners in the tech space to inspire me, challenge me, knock down imposter syndrome and provide a safe space for learning.”

Dodda said, “To support women pursuing opportunities around AI, I am accessible to them for guidance, sharing my journey and advice to provide the confidence, and helping advocate for fairness and inclusion in the industry.”

Read their complete comments on LinkedIn, and share your perspective to keep the conversation going.

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