The latest AALL Spectrum issue features an interview with Emily Colbert, senior vice president of product management at Thomson Reuters, on the company’s plans to incorporate generative AI capabilities, what process improvements the technology can provide, and how customers feel about its arrival.

AALL Spectrum noted that AI has long played a notable role in legal research and that legal industry is open to adopting the next iteration of AI technology, generative AI. Colbert talked with AALL Spectrum about the company’s plans to feature the technology in several of its solutions.

Colbert noted in the interview that in addition to integrating generative AI into Practical Law, Westlaw Precision, and other products, Thomson Reuters is also working with Microsoft to develop a generative AI-fueled contract drafting Solution that will pair the Microsoft 365 Copilot tool with Thomson Reuters legal content.

Emily Colbert, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Thomson Reuters

Colbert’s interview touched on a range of topics, including what makes the legal industry well suited for a disruptive technology like generative AI and how the company’s past experience helped it prepare for the era of generative AI. Also, she emphasized the importance of the human element in developing generative AI and explained how the Thomson Reuters build, buy, and partner strategy has supported its approach to product development.

To read all of Colbert’s insights, check out her full interview in the November-December 2023 issue of AALL Spectrum, the bimonthly member magazine of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).

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