Large Law Firms

Why Knowledge Management Matters to Law Firms

Friday 26th Aug 2016

Knowledge management can be a powerful way for firms to increase their efficiency. In the first episode of our series, “KM with Kim,” we discuss how knowledge management improves productivity, with Kim Stein, national manager of knowledge management at Thomson Reuters. In upcoming episodes, we’ll discuss how firms can get the most out of their knowledge management systems, ...

Associate Training Effective But Not Satisfying

Friday 26th Aug 2016

A new survey from West LegalEdcenter found that most associates find high value in training, but report moderate-to-low satisfaction with the training that is currently provided. With few exceptions, respondents say that training adds high value to their work. However, they report moderate-to-low levels of overall training satisfaction and generally low satisfaction with the amount ...

The Evolving Law Firm Staffing Model – CFO-CIO-COO Forum

Monday 13th Jun 2016

The 6th Annual Law Firm CFO/CIO/COO Forum conducted by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute marks a return to the forum’s roots with a comprehensive examination of collaborative strategies across the law firm C-suite on a number of timely topics impacting law firm operations, finance and technology. One of the key topics will be law ...

2016 Elite VANTAGE User Conference Wrap-Up

Thursday 26th May 2016

The 2016 Elite VANTAGE Worldwide User Conference saw record attendance, with 1100 users, 300 sessions and numerous customer panels, demos, sharing best practices, and talking about industry trends. Eric Ruud, Managing Director for Legal Enterprise Solutions, discusses this year’s VANTAGE conference, and how users can continue to keep up with developments at Elite throughout the ...

Creating a Customer-Focused Community at Elite

Wednesday 25th May 2016

What does it take to turn a business with more than 4400 customers in 40 countries into a customer-focused community? Patrick Hurley, Elite vice president of customer advocacy, discusses Elite’s effort to put the customer at the forefront of everything it does, and how that plays into the VANTAGE 2016 Worldwide User Conference underway in ...

VANTAGE 2016 Elite Worldwide User Conference Kicks Off

Monday 23rd May 2016

VANTAGE 2016 Worldwide User Conference is being held in Nashville this week.  More than 1100 Elite users will take in presentations, user group meetings, exhibits, demos and a learning lab. Elizabet Hardy, vice president of product management for Elite, discusses today’s keynote that kicked off the conference. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

The Legal Industry’s “Kodak Moment” – A Lesson for the Future of Law Firms?

Thursday 7th Jan 2016

Remember the Kodak Instamatic camera?  Long before cellphones and selfies, it seems we all had one.  But now they’ve faded away like aged Kodachrome film. The 2016 State of the Law Firm Market report from Georgetown Law and Peer Monitor provides a snapshot of the legal industry, warning that similar fates could be in store ...

Law Firm Leaders Forum 2015 — An Examination of Change Underway in Major Law Firms Today

Thursday 8th Oct 2015

As Day One of the Law Firm Leaders Forum came to a close, Dr. Heidi Gardner, lecturer on law and distinguished fellow, Center on the Legal Profession, Harvard Law School, led an introspective panel on how successful firms innovate and change in the face of an uncertain future. Lucy Endel Bassli, assistant general counsel, Legal ...

Law Firm Leaders Forum 2015 – Legal Marketplace Seeing Hyper-Competition amid Flat Demand

Thursday 8th Oct 2015

The legal industry has changed dramatically in the years since the beginning of the Great Recession, and is now driven by market forces like hyper-competition, technological innovation and slower demand for legal services. These forces continue to push change on the industry, forging it into something very different from what it was less than a ...

Law Firm Leaders Forum 2015 — The Parallax View: An Annual Report on the State of the Profession and Business of Law

Thursday 8th Oct 2015

The 20th annual Law Firm Leaders Forum began this morning with an introspective look at the state of the legal industry. Ralph Baxter, chairman of Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute began with a review of key data points from the Peer Monitor Index. Citing that the total size of the current legal market sits at ...

The Data Explosion & Law Firms

Friday 28th Aug 2015

The term “Big Data” is rather overused these days.  Maybe they really should call it “Humongous Data” or something.  According to IBM’s Jeopardy-winning Watson, an astounding 2.5 billion gigabytes of data are generated every day. Joseph Raczynski, a legal technologist futurist says we’ve reached the point where no one person can possibly absorb the vast ...